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Jul 14, 2016 at 7:11 AM
Thought I posted this before, but can't find it. Just as well; it had some errors.

I and others just wanted the basics but none provided. So with some trial and error I figured it out. Probably obvious to most, but for some as clueless as I, hopefully they'll find this with a search. So here's what to do.
  1. Obviously, download and install.
  2. If you open Toastify before Spotify, it will force you to reinstall Spotify every time. So just open Spotify first, then launch Toastify.
  3. Open Settings, then click on Hotkeys.
  4. Highlight any command you want to map to a hot key.
  5. Now two things to do: first, select one or more of Ctl / Alt / Shift / Windows. Then click into the window below them. What ever key you now press on your KB will become the hotkey for that action if you also press whatever you checked above. So you can program Play/Pause to Ctl+UP if you only check Ctl and put UP in the box. If you checked, say, Ctl and Alt, then the key combination for Play/Pause would be Ctl+Alt+UP.
  6. You can map the hot keys back to your regular control keys if you wish. On my KG F11 is the Play/Pause symbol.
I was able to leave all boxes unchecked and program F11 to be Play/Pause by itself, just as with any other application. But when I tried to do Back/Play/Forward that way it was very unstable. So I suggest sticking with what is suggested: Ctl plus an arrow key for each control. Seems to work very faithfully when you use that.