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How to use
  • Download the current installer and install it
  • Important! If you are upgrading from a pre 1.5 version please note that the settings file is now stored under your local AppData (instead of at the installation location). Since there have been significant changes to settings it is recommended that you simply abandon your old file and use the new settings window (accessible via right click on the Toastify tray icon) to quickly reconfigure Toastify
  • Start Toastify
  • Thats it!

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Default keyboard shortcuts
  • Ctrl Alt Up = Play/Pause
  • Ctrl Alt Down = Stop
  • Ctrl Alt Right = Next track
  • Ctrl Alt Left = Previous track
  • Ctrl Alt M = Mute on/off
  • Ctrl Alt Page Up = Volume up (expirimental support)
  • Ctrl Alt Page Down = Volume down (expirimental support)
  • Ctrl Alt Space = Show toast
  • Ctrl Alt S = Show Spotify
  • Ctrl Alt C = Copy track information to clipboard New!

The first time you execute Toastify.exe a settings file is created for you under %APPDATA%\Toastify.
You can change these settings from the settings window which is accessible via right click on the Toastify tray icon.

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