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Toastify Questions/problems/ideas

Aug 4, 2009 at 9:10 PM

Hey i just installed Toastify and its a realy nice program, addon.. annyway..

: When Toastify is on my transparent taskbar goes untransparent... ^^

: When clicking "About Toastify" an error pups up

: Also i only see the Toastify pop up when pausing. Not when changing songs, should it be like this? If so.. It would be great to have an option to get the Toastify pop up when changing songs ( with song name ofc )

Also when you start Toastify without Spotify on you get an "start spotify" popup.. an "remember this" thingy would be great :)



By the way..

I also have an question about the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5, i installed it and after the install was done i checked my programs on the computer and i saw that i also had Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 installed? im kinda sure i didnt have it before .. ;I also its for Service pack 1? i got service pack 2 Pic: i also get some MSXML 6.0 stuff.. well my question is that does it install all that or did i do annything wrong? I have not seen anny problems.. And what does the program even do? can someone explain this for me? :) kkthxbye