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Winamp hotkeys - Need Forward and Rewind :(

May 1, 2010 at 2:24 PM

So i changed some of the hotkeys to become like Winamp because I like that better. This means the hotkeys that are changed is:

CTRL+ALT+PageUp - Previous Song

CTRL+ALT+PageDown - Next Song

CTRL+ALT+Insert - Start/Pause

CTRL+ALT+End - Stop

CTRL+ALT+UpArrow - Volume Up

CTRL+ALT+DownArrow - Volume Down


You can download it here if you want (It is Toastify 1.1):


However, I miss not beeing able to bind:

CTRL+ALT+RightArrow - Forwarding into the song

CTRL+ALT+LeftArrow - Rewinding in the song

Anyone know if this is possible?