Toastify adds some missing functionallity to the Spotify client(Windows only). It shows a popup, toast style, dialog on track change and it allows you to use global hot keys for Play/Pause, Next, Previous etc. Toastify is developed using C# and WPF.


Toastify 1.5 (Beta) - 2011-08-15

Announcing the current candidate for the next version of Toastify - sporting a host of bug fixes, feature improvements and a completely rewritten settings dialog!

Installation How To


For a full list see the checkin history
  1. New Settings page (right click on the tray icon) for convenient access to all of Toastify's settings - no more editing XML files!
  2. More reliable hotkey handling (even when using applications that normally capture keyboard input)
  3. New and improved toast including album art (where possible)!
    • hover over the toast to keep it sticky
    • click the toast to bring up Spotify
  4. No multiple instances of Toastify
  5. New Settings:
    • Launch Toastify with Windows
    • Launch Spotify with Toastify
    • Close Spotify with Toastify
    • Option to only show toast on "Show Toast" hotkey
    • Hotkeys are now set through the settings window and include a message about invalid hotkeys (including the reason)
  6. Miscellaneous cleanups, tweaks, performance improvements and spelling corrections
  7. Toastify will exit when you click the exit context menu in the system tray

Update 2009-09-13
  • Updated source
  • Added build version of that source under Planned in Downloads

Minor update 2009-03-29
  • Toastify now asks if it should start Spotify if not already started.
  • Some graphics changes, new icon
  • Added an About dialog with a version checker.
  • Installer, Autostart... (anyone sitting on a NSIS macro for checking .NET FW 3.5???)
  • Added plugin possibilities (Skype plugin thx to Linus.) Only available in source!
  • Felt it was stable enough for Beta

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